Yes, we realize the irony of the existence of this blog. In fact the irony of the entire site. And that’s because, if you’re reading this on the internet, then you’re definitely not detoxing from technology. Unless the internet is actually all in our minds….

But we also know real people us phones. And Email. And Facebook. And Instagram. We get it. We’re real people too. In fact, we’re not against technology or iPhones. Promise. We’re just about developing healthy habits with our gadgets and discovering a more balanced life.

We live in an incredible time, where science and technology is improving exponentially every year. But that also means it’s tough for us to develop etiquette and healthy practices, when our gadgets and behaviors are ever-changing. We’re also not against a nice gin-and-tonic now and then. But if gin was invented yesterday, it might take a while for us to remember that it’s not the best idea to down a bottle before work. Actually, this was a real problem in the early 18th century, called the Mother’s Curse. Look it up.

So here's are just a few things you can expect from this blog:

  1. A  compilation of fantastic destinations for a self-imposed digital detox. Some of these could range from glamping to dude ranching to full spa treatments. But all of them provide an opportunity to take a breath from the device and assess where you’re at with them in your life.

  2. Tools and tricks for unplugging.

  3. News and science about the effects of technology on our lives and brains

  4. Personal stories and interviews about digital detoxes

  5. And special deals on a Hush Experience near you

It’s gonna be so great, you’ll be even more hooked! Just kidding. People eventually figured out how to drink gin in moderation. And so, too, shall we all figure out how the heck to not become that guy in the movie Her. Here goes.