When it comes to what's good for us, we’re an all-or-nothing kind of society. We don’t just eat vegetables. We do a 21-day juice cleanse. We don’t just exercise. We run a race through mud and electricity. Electricity! This is what we’re about. Go hard or go home. 

But often this attitude can put barriers in our own way. We’re all guilty of waiting until January to start dieting again. Even if we think of it in October. However, developing healthy habits with your phone doesn’t have to be all or nothing. For real. Sure, a digital detox in Thailand is fantastic. Or Bali. Or a remote island off the coast of Brazil. But you know what else is nice? A lunch away from your desk. A dinner without selfies. A weekend without email. 

So if doing it all the way is preventing you from doing it a little bit, then maybe the goal should just be a little bit. At least at first. Go easy on yourself, and aim for 30% this time. We won’t tell. In fact, if you live in LA, you can start this weekend. Here’s a list of ten amazing spots to get off the grid within driving distance of Los Angeles. What’s stopping you?



1. Crystal Cove beach cottages

Hush Level 2 / 1:10 from LA

Built as a seaside colony in the 1930’s & ‘40’s, Crystal Cove cottages are only an hour drive from LA. They're pretty rustic and actually booked through the national park system, Reserve America. Think of it as glamping, but on the beach. It’s a quiet little historic community that backs up to some beautiful hiking in Crystal Cove State Park. Leave your door one day, and head to the beach. Leave your door the next, and trek up into the mountains of Orange County. Just make sure to book a private room cottage, unless shared bathrooms are fine with you.

Note, booking ahead of time require you enter lottery on the first of the month at 8AM sharp. Talk about staying glued to your phone! But they often take walk-ins on Saturdays and Sundays. Just try to be there by 11 AM.

Their pinterest page has the best photos. And check here for more information on booking: 


2. Wicky Up Ranch B&B

Hush Level 1 / 3:20 from LA

This little B&B is 3 hours 20 from LA, but feels an entire world away. A few activities in the area include horseback riding, hiking, walking the gardens, or scenic drives through Sequoia National Park. The owners, Monica and Jack, are a reason to go in itself. They greet you in the morning with a gourmet breakfast, using only organic, locally grown foods. And they’ll

happily give you a tour of the orange groves out back. Just a note. This is a traditional B&B in the owners’ home. So heads up, if that’s not your thing. 

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3. La Casa Del Zorro

Hush Level 1 / 3:30 from LA

This Borrego Springs resort has all the necessary amenities for some time off the grid: Pool, yoga, tennis, and spa. For travelers into hiking or scenic drives, Anzo Borrego State Park and Cleveland National Forest are just around the corner. And on top of that, night restrictions on Borrego Springs guarantee more stars than you’ve ever seen before.

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4. Evergreen Lodge

Hush Level 2 / 6 hours from LA

The Evergreen Lodge offers cabins near Yosemite national park. Visitors love the nightly outdoor movies, a campfire, and s'mores. That's right. Every. Single Night. Make sure to check out the wellness spa, jacuzzi, and the views at Glacier point. The roads can be a little confusing in the area. So to avoid cell use (and spotty service), it's good to have an in-car GPS.

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5. Esalen Institute

Hush Level 4 / 5:23 from LA

Rumor has it this center was the basis for the meditation retreat depicted in the last few episodes of Mad Men. It’s one of the first mindfulness centers in the country and has a history of famous visitors, including Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, and Joan Baez. They offer approachable workshops for yoga and meditation. And if group workshops aren’t your thing, just opt for a personal retreat. Rooms are pretty basic and first come first serve. And curvy roads make it best to arrive by day. But if all or nothing is your thing, this is a pretty great stop for a weekend of silence and reflection.

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6. Palms Canyon RV resort

Hush Level 1 / 3: 30 from LA

This RV resort and hotel also offers airstreams and vintage trailers for rent. Each one offers an outside BBQ’s and a great view of the mountains. Activities include hiking in the local state parks, star-gazing, ATV’s, or just a little pool action. The airstreams are only available between October and May. So this weekend couldn't be a more perfect time to go.

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7. Deetjans

Hush Level 3 / 5:50 from LA

These rustic cabins are just off the Pacific Coast Highway in the heart of Big Sur. The property backs up to the largest redwood trees in the area and offers a perfect place to start a hike. And the coastal drive just to get there is half the experience. Just a note. Cabins are pretty rustic with shared bathrooms. But we think the cabins add just the right amount of off-the-grid flavor to your trip.

Booking is done by phone only: 001.831.667.2377



8. Grant Grove Cabins

Hush Level 4 / 4:40 from LA

Grant Grove is glamping at its finest. These rustic cabins offer wood-burning stoves and a large country breakfast buffet in the restaurant each morning. Travelers can enjoying hiking, fly fishing, and scenic drives in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park. Or check out the Sherman tree, the largest redwood in the world. One thing to note, most cabins share bathrooms and you must bring quarters for the showers. What? We said it was glamping! 

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9. Oak Flat Lookout

Hush Level 5 / 2:40 from LA

A little known fact: The National Parks often have forest fire lookouts you can rent. And when these towers aren't helping rangers scout out actual forest fires, they offer 360 degree views of the parks. Take the Oak Flat Lookout. It sits 4900 feet above sea level overlooking the Sequoia National Monument, about an hour outside of Bakersfield. As an added bonus, there is no electricity or water in the cabin. And according the the park website,

"All provisions, including food, water, and bedding, must be carried up forty steep steps to the tower space or pulled hand-over-hand in a small basket pulley system."

How's that for bad ass? Sure, the truly rustic nature of the lookouts might be a turn off for some. But a badge of honor for others. And if you're looking for a level 5 HUSH experience (with minimum human contact), then the Oak Flat Lookout is for you.

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10. Joshua Tree Desert Retreat

Hush Level 2 / 3:00 from LA

There’s no better way to get away from society than the desert. And Joshua Tree is the perfect spot. This Desert Retreat is a 1600 foot private house rental that sits on 2.5 acres at the base of the Pinto Mountains. The house itself offers plenty of ways to get weird in the Mohave desert. After exploring the nearby Joshua Tree National Park, head back to enjoy the outdoor fire pit, jacuzzi. Make a drum circle with the provided musical instruments or head straight to the house's swinging platform bed. Who said a digital detox had to be boring?

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11. Charming and Romantic B&B retreat

Hush Level 2 / 25 minutes from LA

Topanga Canyon is often an forgotten spot for most LA dwellers. But this quirky little mountain town is actually only twenty minutes north of Santa Monica. Don’t be fooled by the fact that the Romantic B&B Retreat is listed on Airbnb. This is a full-blown B&B meets spa experience. The retreat offers private massage, yoga, facials, and guided meditation, and also serves organic breakfast every morning. Hike during the day and enjoy a 5-star cuisine under the stars in the evening. If you're feeling those Topanga Canyon vibes, you can even opt for a little Theta, Reiki, or Crystal healing action. At $350 a night, it’s a little pricier than most HUSH destinations. But since it's so close, the cost may not be too bad for as a special weekend with a friend or partner. And it’s just about as easy to get to as heading from the West side to the East. 

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For more Hush vacations, check out our complete list of Destinations. And tell us in the comments about a Hush-worthy spot near you. 



All photos courtesy of each destination's official sites.